Technical information

Personal service franchise

The initial capital

The initial capital investment, inclusive of franchise entry fee, amounts to 28,000.00 Euros. Shop furniture and all other start-up expenses are not included therein.

A 30% deposit must be paid upon signing the affiliation proposal. Payment terms will be regulated by a suretyship agreement. The final payment must be made upon signing the affiliation contract that is approximately 15 days after signing the proposal. The business start-up will begin the day after the stipulation.

If highly motivated, ideal Assixto franchisees can arrange an appointment at the contact page.

Information Description
Company name ASSIXTO SRL
Year of foundation 2008
Launch Year of Assixto Franchise 2010
Franchisor's points of sale in Italy
Franchisor's points of sale n a foreign country 4
Franchisee's points of sale in Italy 15
Average surface of the point of sale 30/40 sqm
Personnel (owner included) 1+1 is recommended
Ideal location Front location on a busy walkway
Catchment area Ideally 50,000 people with at least one hospital nearby
Initial investment 20,000 euros
Previous experience in the sector Not necessary
Franchise entry fee 8,000 euros
Periodic fees (Royalties) 400 Euros Euros per month (from the 4th month after the stipulation date)
Initial contract duration 5 years (renewable)
Contributions for publicity Foreseen
Initial training (theory and practice) Theoretical courses are held at the parent company seat
Training for the whole duration of the contract Refresher course calendars to be defined

Prices are not inclusive of VAT

The Assixto Center

The ideal Assixto Center must have a high passing traffic flow position and a catchment area of about 50,000 people, preferably with a hospital nearby.

The interior must be designed to safeguard the privacy of the customers, while the shop window must face onto the street and be well visible.

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