I hereby inform you that, pursuant to the law of the EU/2016/679 Regulation “Personal Data Protection Code” regarding the processing of personal data acquired or that will be acquired in relation to the contractual relationships that have been or those that may be held in the future between you and the ASSIXTO company in person of the legal representatives of Messrs. MARCO PASCOLI and DANIELE MILOCCO informs: 

  • that the collection or otherwise the processing of personal data has the exclusive purpose of being able to adequately carry out the activity or activities subject to the contractual relationship: that personal data are and will be processed in a lawful and correct manner and in any case in compliance of the aforementioned EU/2016/679 regulation with both automated and paper based systems;
  • that for the stipulation of the contractual relationship, the collection of personal data is compulsory, having to comply with legal and fiscal requirements;
  • that personal data and their processing will not be communicated or disseminated outside the cases permitted by law and will take place in the manner permitted by the same;
  • that the data will be stored no more than 5 years.

Finally, I would like to inform you that the “company” pursuant to Regulation EU/2016/679 is the company ASSIXTO in person of the legal representatives of Messrs. MARCO PASCOLI and DANIELE MILOCCO with registered office in C.A.P. 33100 Udine, Avenue Tricesimo 246.  


The undersigned in relation to the information provided to me of which he declares to have taken an explicit view, declares to give his consent for the purposes related to the reciprocal obligations arising from the relationship established with this company, to the entire treatment:

  • of your personal data the processing of which does not fall within the meaning of Regulation EU/2016/679, in “cases of exclusion of consent”;
  • of so-called “sensitive data”.

It also expresses its consent to the communication and dissemination of its personal data to companies, agencies or consortia that provide this company with processing services or activities that are instrumental to the latter, as well as to those to whom the right to access their data personal data is recognized by provisions of law or secondary or community legislation, as well as to persons to whom the communication of personal data is necessary or is in any case functional to the management of the contractual relationship. At any time the cancellation of personal data may be requested by sending a message to: