Starting an Assixto Franchise

What is a franchise ?

A franchise (or commercial affiliation) is a continuing cooperation between one entrepreneur (affiliator or franchisor) and another (affiliate o franchisee) – or more entrepreneurs – to distribute goods or services. The franchisor and the franchisee are two legally and economically independent entities who enter into a contract where:


The franchisor grants a franchisee the right to use his business model, his know-how – that is the necessary technical knowledge and skills gained by practical activity – and his distinctive brands and logos. Moreover he provides the franchisee with other types of services and professional support to enable him to run a business that totally reflects the franchisor’s public image.


In the interest of both parties and of the end consumer the franchisee engages to follow the franchisor’s business policies and to use his company image accordingly. Also he commits to respecting the contractual conditions which he has freely agreed on.

What is the ASSIXTO Franchise ?

The ASSIXTO franchise, which was founded in November 2008, is an innovative network of social and personal services which does not sell services in the narrow sense of the word, but rather emotions.

The business idea belongs to the company founders, Mr. Marco Pascoli and Mr. Daniele Milocco, and comes from their direct, personal experience in the health and social care.

The ideal profile of an Assixto Franchisee

Franchisees do not need to have experience in the social care sector as full training is provided by the franchisor.

To be successful the ideal franchisee must have:

Potential target market

The potential target market is represented by families in general, by the elderly and by ill people who need any kind of personal care. Our typical target clients can be both private citizens and institutions.

Despite the severe international crisis we are experiencing, updated aging statistics definitely reveal a very promising future for the social care sector.

Being a modern and innovative company, ASSIXTO offers its services also to those individuals who are not old, but still need to receive special personal care. For instance we may give assistance to a young man who has just undergone surgery or who simply does not have the time to deal with medical bureaucracy.

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